The Lakes


The Park Lakes side of the complex is made up of four waters with a great mix of stock and features, providing a range of challenges and catches.

Our specimen lake is a natural oasis for big carp. Established from a former section of river this water is stocked with doubles for experienced anglers.

There are five lakes to enjoy at Swillington Park Fishing, scroll down to find out more.

Lake 1: Willow 

lake 1 An easy going pleasure water. Well stocked with Carp and silvers for all abilities.

Lake 1 Fact File
Stock Carp (up to 16lb), Perch
Size .4 acres, varying depths
Pegs 25
Best Suited To Anglers of all abilities
Tip: Sweet corn best bait for this water


Lake 2: Alder

lake 2 view

A traditional lake with lots of heritage. Providing alternative angling for Tench and Bream

Lake 2 Fact File
Stock 8 – 10lb Tench and Bream, Rudd, 15-16lb Carp, Barbel, Perch, Roach, Ide, Orf.
Size .5 acres, varying depths
Pegs 20-25
Best Suited To Those wanting to fish for quality native fish
Tip: ‘Fish the features’ – Try fishing around the Lilly pads and using a good selection of baits

Lake 3: Chestnut 

lake 3 A reliable lake for runs and night fishing. Stocked with bigger Carp and silvers.

Lake 3 Fact File
Stock upto 24lb Carp, Rudd, Roach, Tench, Bream
Size 2.5 acres, varying depths
Pegs 25 pegs
Best Suited To Anglers with some experience, good for night fishing
Tip: Fish the far bank for larger fish and closer in for smaller bream and tench.


Lake 4: Specimens

LAKE 4 A unique lake for experienced anglers. Containing our biggest fish; lots of doubles including Mirrors and Ghost Carp. Largest fish on record 33lb.

Lake 4 Fact File
Stock Big double figure specimen carp
Size 2.5 acres
Pegs 20 pegs (Max 15 anglers at once)
Best Suited To Experienced anglers with specialist carp gear, good for night fishing
Tip: The woodland bank creates a unique shaded environment and temperature difference.


Lake 5: Alder

lake 5 Easy catching with lots of features to fish to. Good pole fishing for Carp and silver

Lake 5 Fact File
StockC Carp, Ide, Barbel, Perch, Roach
Size .5 acres, snaking shape modelled on a river section
Pegs 25 pegs
Best Suited To All anglers, especially those just starting out, perfect for match fishing
Tip: Feed regularly for best results, don’t be afraid to over bait. Maggots work well on this water.



lake 5